Friday, September 24, 2010

Halloween Witch Chair Sitter Doll Party Prop

This is the big doll I've been telling you all about, She has sorta grown on me, it's been fun having her around to talk to.....but she has to find another home, so she has just been listed on e-bay for auction, please take the time to click on the image to go check out her sale and see all her pictures and read all the details about her!

Thank You for popping by!

Posted by Patrick Gill of Cre8ors Touch

New Halloween Doll From Raggedy Old Souls

Hello everyone! Before I head on out to work I just wanted to let you know I listed a new Halloween Doll on Ebay! He is cute and a little SpOOkee at the same time! When you get a minute please head on over to ebay and take a peek! I would love to hear what ya think ;o)
Posted by Megan Singer of Raggedy Old Souls

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Witchy Poo Brenda!

This is a new OOAK Halloween Witchy gal I used paper clay for her head and hands. She is dressed in rainbow colors and black for Halloween. Her hair is made from handcrafted black and white wool. And I have adorned it with a shimming silver flower. She is placed on a black stand to stay on for always to come. Christinas Primitive House.
Posted by Christina of Christinas Primitive House

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

OOAK Handmade Frankenstein Doll

I just got done adding "Frank & Stein" to my e-bay auctions, and you can click on his image to go see more pictures and read more details about him at the sale....
Thank you for looking!
Here is my last doll that I have completed, what a cute little monster Frankenstein makes, sitting with his beer stein cup, you can truly call this picture a "Frank & Stein" LOL...
I made a little iron on design for his turtle neck shirt that has a "CAUTION, Risk of electric shock" sign on it, too funny! LOL
He has been constructed with my hard rigid foam board torso and coil foam arms and legs with faric flap joints which allow him to be posed in numerous positions.... how much fun he would be sitting at your Halloween Party! I dont know why, but when ever I do one of these dolls, all I can think of is Jeff Dunham and Mr. Wilson....LOL
Posted by Pat Rick Gill of Cre8ors Touch

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Handmade OOAK Vintage Styled Animated Halloween Owl

This is my latest offering for my Hallowee-N-Motion series,, a fun little table decoration piece that would look great sitting by the punch bowl at any Halloween Party. I made it so the head spins around like a real owl scanning his territory. The light shines up and out his glass eyes to illuminate them in the dark,,,, I just got done listing him for auction on e-bay so feel free to click on the image to go view his sale where you can see more pictures and read more details about him,, I also added a short little video of him in operation.

Posted by Pat Rick Gill of Cre8ors Touch

The latest! From Outside the Box Primitives~thanks for taking a peek!

Posted by Robin Armstrong Seeber of OutsideTheBox Primitives

Little Miss Eva Pumpkin

Hello Everyone!
I hope everyone is doing well. I just wanted to tell you that I have a new doll up for adoption. She is sitting waiting patiently for her new home. She is currently up for auction on EBAY

                                                  This is Little Miss Eva Pumpkin.
((Halloween Hugs)),
Posted by Sylvia Smiser of Anaboo Creations