Saturday, March 19, 2011

Beatrice Bunny Is Eager To Help Any Way She Can

Ms. Beatrice Bunny Eager to help anyway she can.

Hello Everyone,
As I was busy creating Ms. Beatrice Bunny Japan suffered a massive catastrophic event.  It is very difficult to stay focused on creating when so many of our brothers and sisters in Japan are suffering something I cannot even wrap my head around.  The images I have seen are so devastating that clean up and return to any semblance of normalcy feels so daunting.  My heart and prayers go out to everyone in Japan.

As I was listing Beatrice Bunny on EBAY last Sunday night I found that EBAY has a way where you can contribute  part of your sale to Japan's Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund. Both Beatrice and I are so happy that we may be able to contribute in a small way. She is always ready to be of service and I would be so thrilled to be a small part in making things a tiny bit better, hopefully, through my art.
Please come visit Ms. Beatrice Bunny on EBAY .  Her auction ends tomorrow night.  She would love to meet you : )
Have a wonderful Evening! 
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