Saturday, September 29, 2012

Last few days to save

Last few days to save everything 15% off in my shoppe sale ends Oct 2nd, only sale of this year before Christmas, please take note  made to order items for halloween will not be ready in time for holiday due to influx of orders

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Well its almost another year past and in such a hurry. I realize I am getting older as time creeps by and everything getting fmore difficult. Never thought I;d see the day when I was too tired to paint. But I run into those days onces in a while now and I hate the feeling.  I have a cool new Halloween lamp up for sale on ebay. It has nadpainted images of my favorite Raphael Tuck vinatge designs.   I would like to do a cople of my Christmas scene lamps also if I find the time.  I found a very unusual item on line called a porch "light" lamp or whatever. I paid way to much but will have to charge more because of it. But it is sooo very cooool. Would like dynmate on a porch with a large fat halloween candle flickering inside.  Better get busy if I in fact want to ever get any of this accomplished.   Regards and have a grest Hallowwen.