Friday, February 25, 2011

Witch Paper Cloth Ornaments from Byrum Art

Our Newest idea Witch Ornaments!
They are 7" high.
These two are the 2nd and 3rd we've made.
We have so many ideas for this type of Ornament
using our art to make Paper/Cloth Ornaments.
These are Witches but we will be making
other characters as well.
These two are available on Ebay now! Just
click the photo to be transported!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

Pearl and her Doll

I welcome you to meet Pearl, and her ever so faithful dolly companion. This lovely lady, dressed in her Sunday best, dutifully waits by her window, awaiting her prince charming, and vowing her love, till death to them part. But blissfully unaware, her deteriorating body being amiss while she daydreams of her knight in shining armor, the lovely Miss Pearl has a secret. A secret quite dreadful indeed. She has been long deceased and forgotten, merely a memory that refuses to pass, alone forever.
Pearl measures 20.5 inches tall and is made with osnaburg fabric and painted with acrylic.

Witchy Ornament and Signs!

I have been working on Signs,
its been awhile since I took brush to sign,
this one is inspired by a Vintage Post Card.

I'm always trying to think of ideas
to use Ron's beautiful Witches.
Whilelooking through "Celebrate 365"
I was inspired to create this
Witchy Ornament!

Available on Ebay!
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share with us if you like her.