Saturday, September 4, 2010

OOAK Handmade Halloween Gourd Ghoul Lantern

Well here she is all finished, boy I'll tell you the gourds are very interesting to work with, and so much faster than my old method of making lanterns. This one is my first attempt using one of the gourds that I purchased online, and I just love how she turned out.Tell me what you think?

Just click on an image to go view her auction for more details and pictures...

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Posted by Pat Rick Gill - Cre8ors Touch

Somethng New from Halloween Fanatic...

Here is something that I have never tried before but love... (l.o.l.)
Okay... Okay.... a candy box,
but I am sending some sweets to the winning BIDDER!
This fellow is coming up from the grave
to grab a few treats for Halloween!
Check him out now on EBAY!

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Byrum Art ~ Paintings ~ Signs & Pillows!

Byrum Art ~ Paintings ~ Signs & Pillows!

On Ebay now! Ends Sunday night!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Haunted Doll House Is Now Open!

I just started a new group on the hive and on ebay! They're new so bear with me. I plan on making up some SpOOkee graphics for them both! Can you tell I love the word SpOOkee LOL! I belong to a bunch of groups myself but I still wanted one that really appeals to the weird in me...well others think it's weird I say unique! Also, we can't have too many ways to link and network right?!?! You can join my group on the hive by clicking on the link on the sidebar to the right...if you're not already a member's an awesome place to "beeeee"!

And if you sell on ebay and are odd like me in that you love ghosts, cemeteries and all things haunted please join my group on ebay too! Hopefully we will soon have a following of other SpOOkee lovers looking for pieces to add to their collections! Just go to ebay and type in "The Haunted Doll House" in the group search!'s new so don't shy away by the low number of members...everyone starts with one right! So join me...we're just in time for Halloween!!!

Posted by Raggedy Old Souls

Little Pumpkin Girl

This Little Pumpkin Girl is all dressed and ready to help you celebrate Halloween. To view her auction on eBay, Click Here!

Posted by Jeanne of Wildwoods Art

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pumpkin Cars - Cupcake Toppers

I had a vision of all the woodland creatures coming out of the forest for a Halloween party. They'd drive their pumpkin cars, of course.Vroom vroom!Beep beep!
These cupcake toppers are available here at my Etsy store.
Let's get those frosting bags ready....vroom vroom!
-Laura Irrgang
Rhinestone Armadillo

Posted by Laura of Rhinestone Armadillo

Halloween Is The Night For Magic

Halloween Is The Night For Magic. This is one of my Halloween Altered Books.

Posted by Christina of Christina's Primitive House

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Are You Ready for Some HALLOWEEN?!!!!!!!!

What's that sound? Is it the crisp crackle of fall leaves? What's that I see? Is it a Harvest Moon hanging in the twilight sky? (well, it will be SOON!)

September is the start of many things - back to school for some, others thoughts turn to that of Autumn, pumpkin pies cooling on a window sill, shopping for trick-or-treat candy to fill the bowls set by the door.

And for Halloween artists and holiday enthusiasts, a shiver of anticipation for it's almost HALLOWEEN!!

Please do stop by our newly designed web site when it launches September 1 (tomorrow!) and enjoy all the eye candy, fun and informative articles and more on! See you there!

Some New Work From Cottage Garden Studios...

Here is a few new painted pieces for me...finally LOL! You can find them here! Happy Fall everyone:) Sarah of Cottage Garden Studios

Monday, August 30, 2010

Raggedy Old Souls

I just listed bunches of Halloween items on ebay! Bears, dolls, wooden signs, boxes and treat boxes! My ebay id is raggedyoldsouls.

Raggedy Old Souls



Posted by Robin Seeber of Outside The Box Primitives

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fall/Halloween Online Open House Going on Now

Hanging Bat!!!

Just listed on Etsy!!!