Saturday, March 28, 2009

Featured Artist - Heather Millot!

Heather of Witch Hollow Prims is a member of HA31 and one of our moderators. We are pleased as punch to put her in the spotlight this month as the Featured Artist! Bravo Heather!

The Ghost of a Flower

"You're what?" asked the common or garden spook
Of a stranger at midnight's hour.
And the shade replied with a graceful glide,
"Why, I'm the ghost of a flower."

"The ghost of a flower?" said the old-time spook;
"That's a brand-new one on me;
I never supposed a flower had a ghost,
Though I've seen the shade of a tree."


HA31 Members Can Post You Know

If you are already a member of our ebay group HA31, you may already be an "approved author" of this blog! I think all you need to do is sign in if you have a google account (or other account) and post away!

If your email hasn't been added as an author here, no worries! Just let me know that you want to be added and it shall be done! We want everyone who enjoys Halloween art to feel welcome here and an active participant of this blog.

Friday, March 27, 2009

New Blog - Oh come all ye bloggers!

Since so many folks seem to like the free blogs we decided to use one, too!

While Wordpress was more customizable, it also seemed less user friendly and we don't want to scare anyone away!

So let's try this...and let us know if it's easier, or friendlier or not.

Happy Halloweenies! Now go post!