Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Haunted Doll House Is Now Open!

I just started a new group on the hive and on ebay! They're new so bear with me. I plan on making up some SpOOkee graphics for them both! Can you tell I love the word SpOOkee LOL! I belong to a bunch of groups myself but I still wanted one that really appeals to the weird in me...well others think it's weird I say unique! Also, we can't have too many ways to link and network right?!?! You can join my group on the hive by clicking on the link on the sidebar to the right...if you're not already a member's an awesome place to "beeeee"!

And if you sell on ebay and are odd like me in that you love ghosts, cemeteries and all things haunted please join my group on ebay too! Hopefully we will soon have a following of other SpOOkee lovers looking for pieces to add to their collections! Just go to ebay and type in "The Haunted Doll House" in the group search!'s new so don't shy away by the low number of members...everyone starts with one right! So join me...we're just in time for Halloween!!!

Posted by Raggedy Old Souls


  1. Hey!
    I love this blog! My mom is into everything Spooky hehe...she has skulls everywhere in her house! Her change jar is a skull! LOL
    I will check out the group! :)