Friday, August 27, 2010

Final Countdown...

Oh my goodness, how time (and sanity) flies!
With just a few days until our newly re-designed web site launches for the upcoming fall season, I am still frantically trying to work some ol' magic and get everything completed in time!

For those planning to list on the site, there MAY be a sneak peek in store, the rest of the world will just have to wait till opening day.

We have a fabulous new newsletter coming, courtesy of WildWoods Art's Jeanne Gripp (you are wonderful!) and a Dear Abby-esque column by Brenda Labell (rock on, girl!), plus a Collectors Corner by Halloween Fanatic, Robert Brawley....and so much more!

All of the wonderfully talented artists on invite you to join us there in September! Be sure to stop by our Blog and our group on Ms. Spider Witch artwork created by Ron Byrum.

Halloweenie Hugs,


  1. So exciting!
    BTW Ron's sculpts are too cool!

  2. I'm on the edge of seat just awaiting to see, very exciting!! Can't wait to read the newsletter and the collectors corner columns too!! Such a wonderful group of Halloween Artist!! Love, love, love Ron's Witchie Spider, she is awesome!!