Thursday, September 27, 2012

Well its almost another year past and in such a hurry. I realize I am getting older as time creeps by and everything getting fmore difficult. Never thought I;d see the day when I was too tired to paint. But I run into those days onces in a while now and I hate the feeling.  I have a cool new Halloween lamp up for sale on ebay. It has nadpainted images of my favorite Raphael Tuck vinatge designs.   I would like to do a cople of my Christmas scene lamps also if I find the time.  I found a very unusual item on line called a porch "light" lamp or whatever. I paid way to much but will have to charge more because of it. But it is sooo very cooool. Would like dynmate on a porch with a large fat halloween candle flickering inside.  Better get busy if I in fact want to ever get any of this accomplished.   Regards and have a grest Hallowwen.

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