Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Kitty on Ebay... by Auctions by Babycakes

Hello ...look like Halloween is upon us.
And thought I would show you my lastest listing on Ebay....
I call it Halloween Kitty Makedo

Carve the pumkins   
Rake the leaves
Pop the popcorn
A chill in the breeze
Halloween is here
Same time as last year
Dressed  to scare
Makeup you might wear
Kids running down the streets
Looking for Halloween Treats
Writing this was fun
Now I have to run...

Click here to see my listing:

Thanks & Happy Halloween


  1. He is purrrfect!! You know it's funny how so many of us give our cat's such big grins. I guess it makes others wonder just what they have been thinking or which canary they ate..LOL!!


    Love the poem too!!!

  2. Hi Regi..
    Thanks for the kind words, Oh yes...lunch must have been Purrr-fect...LOL

    Hugs Sandra