Sunday, September 19, 2010

Handmade OOAK Vintage Styled Animated Halloween Owl

This is my latest offering for my Hallowee-N-Motion series,, a fun little table decoration piece that would look great sitting by the punch bowl at any Halloween Party. I made it so the head spins around like a real owl scanning his territory. The light shines up and out his glass eyes to illuminate them in the dark,,,, I just got done listing him for auction on e-bay so feel free to click on the image to go view his sale where you can see more pictures and read more details about him,, I also added a short little video of him in operation.

Posted by Pat Rick Gill of Cre8ors Touch


  1. Out of this world Patrick! Well done!

  2. thank you sherry, he is sitting on the table right now staring at me!